Robert Rosendary and The Patriot’s Walk Across America


What is the Patriot’s Walk?  It is really quite simple.

Robert Rosendary is walking from California to Washington D.C. with the hopes of bringing Americans together as one, uniting all races and religions into one core group known as “Americans.” The Patriot’s Walk is all about uniting all Americans as one again, about bringing an end to the racial tension we currently suffer from in our great land.

We are after all “ONE” nation. It is time for all Americans to stand together again. The division throughout our land is tearing our country apart.

Robert also wants to use this cause to honor the Benghazi 4, the four Americans who died needlessly in Benghazi, Libya: Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.

Robert hopes to honor the loss of these 4 and also all veterans. He also hopes to bring awareness to the fact that those who stand guard for us matter.

Veterans and their families in our land have gone unrecognized and unappreciated for far too long. Robert hopes to bring awareness to our Veterans and their families and let them know that we as Americans appreciate and care about them.

Robert will be posting written articles, photos, and videos to SHR Media about his journey across America.

If you wish to see about or join our cause you can do this two ways:



Donate: Go Fund Me

We hope you will join us in our support of Robert as he walks across our great land?  His final destination being Washington, D.C. in time for the inauguration of our new President Elect.

Contact Blake Taylor: Team Leader, Security Coordinator & head of Logistics, or Ashley Butler: Team Leader, Public Relations coordinator.  [email protected]

Reprinted with permission from SHR Media

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