America To The Liberal Elite: ‘New Phone – Who Dis?


Editor’s note: My friend, Kurt Schlichter, is more than just a God-fearing retired Army LtCol, more than just a lawyer. Kurt is a rock solid conservative who believes government should be small, there’s no free lunch (in other words “IF YOU’RE HUNGRY GET A JOB YOU SLACKER!”), and babies should NOT be murdered in the womb but terrorists should be shot dead by a deadly military force. And when Kurt writes an Op Ed, be ready to laugh. Mr. Schlichter puts the UN in UN-politically correct — he says what the rest of us may be thinking if our synapses are red-lining it. You go, Kurt! *fistbump* Read on. Tami Jackson

By Kurt Schlichter

Saturday morning, America awoke to the sunniest of sunshine, despite the lingering smoke in the air from the Democrats’ celebration of the peaceful transfer of power. Children laughed and birds sang, while across the fruited plains echoed the delightful howl of genderfluid weirdoes wailing “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Who will ever forget the festival of schadenfreude as Obama stood on that platform, his personal rejection by the people of this country manifest before him in human form, knowing that every single one of his accomplishments was going to be burnt to the ground like an unattended limousine in the path of his supporters?

Today, when a progressive dials America, no one picks up. Instead, he/she/xe gets a text back: “New phone – who dis?”

Yeah, I had my issues with Donald Trump during the primary, but between his cabinet selections, his sheer joy in tormenting liberals, and the ecstasy that comes from watching the left and its pet institutions like academia and the mainstream media committing ritual suicide before our eyes, I’m thinking “Make room on Mount Rushmore.” Even if Trump does nothing else for the next four or – please please please – eight years except drive liberals insane, we’re still parsecs ahead of where we would have been if the wife of that skanky cryptkeeper dude who was onstage ogling the Trump women had won.

Yeah, I get that President Trump (I still burst into uncontrollable giggles of joy saying that) is not an ideological conservative like me and most of my pals, and like Evan McMullin sometimes was until his irrelevance drove him insane. But then, the candidate of us ideological conservatives didn’t just sign a stack of executive orders that, among other things, froze all new government regulations. Our guy didn’t make libs’ heads explode by invoking God at his swearing-in more times than most liberal churches do in a year. Our guy didn’t just appoint a stud named Mad Dog to change the Department of Transgender Welcoming and Occasional Army Stuff Too, back into the Department of Defense. Our guy didn’t win

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