Bobby Jindal: How to Drain the Health Care Swamp


By Bobby Jindal

Republicans have been winning elections for years by promising to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Now that the dog has caught the car, we have to know what to do with it. Republicans have captured the White House, and kept the House, Senate and a majority of the governors’ offices. There are no more excuses, and voters are rightfully expecting quick and bold action.

Already, though, the media is beginning to highlight or perhaps even create differences among the Republican victors, with stories about some in the party wanting a quicker timeline for repeal than others. Before we get bogged down by a debate about whether Obamacare should be repealed within two or three years (and I am for sooner than later), it would be helpful to remember why conservatives have opposed Barack Obama’s health law so vehemently. And no, despite the president’s protests, it is not simply because of the name. Articulating our principled objections will help inform how Republicans should replace this flawed legislation.

Obamacare has famously failed to live up to its sponsor’s lofty promises, as evidenced by health care costs and premiums that continue to rise at an unacceptable rate, as well as millions of Americans losing their preferred health care plans and access to their physicians. But there are three deeper fundamental failures embedded in the law that must be fully repealed and not transplanted into any Republican replacement.

First, Obamacare involved a massive increase in federal taxes and spending. Our federal government now spends more, and has borrowed more, than ever before. No society has ever taxed, spent, or borrowed its way into prosperity, and we will not be the first. It was wrong to increase government spending, to create a massive new entitlement program, when we could not afford the government we already had. Mortgaging our children’s future to sustain our bloated government could render us the first generation of Americans that leaves behind fewer opportunities than those we inherited from our parents…

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