Final Thoughts on Obama, His Cool Image and Reprehensible Record


By Michael G. – An attorney in Georgia

In the final hours of the Obama presidency, mothers and fathers living with an empty seat at the table will now watch Manning set free, rewarded with a reduced sentence despite his sworn oath as a soldier to protect our nation. Their sons and daughters — who took the same oath but actually honored it — will never enjoy a return home, as a real commitment to their oath and our founding principles stole their very lives, along with the hopes of a safe return held by their families.

The Contemptible Obama is a genuine disgrace, right down to his final hours in office.

His cool image is torched by his reprehensible record – the greatest “accomplishments” during his time are the very opposite of the word, in that nothing was actually achieved to make those “accomplishments” a reality apart from the doubling of our entire national debt, which actually occurred under his single Presidency. Simply put, you can “accomplish” anything if you can print money out of thin air.

He normalized a genuine disdain for the Constitution through regular circumvention of Congress, utilizing the “4th column” of the government (administrative) to do whatever he wanted — only succeeded in wretchedness by the feckless GOP (Boehner & McConnell) who utterly failed to confront him time and time again.

No sane person is capable of defending the actual reality, actual record and (most importantly) the actual consequences of this horrible President, unless you hide in your heart a love for paving a path toward an all powerful government which (in the end) only stifles individual liberty and genuine diversity in the name of the “collective good.” This imaginary utopia is simply known as “hell” in the 3rd world.

Obama’s anti-freedom legacy of massive government expansion is truly his worst scandal, greater than all those scandals who conveniently never plagued him — Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, IRS targeting, DOJ seizure of AP records, ransom payments to Iran, EPA poisoning a Colorado river, the GSA spending bonanza in Las Vegas….and on and on.

Obama laid the foundation of lawlessness at every level — from planting the seeds of hatred against the police to the pointed executive orders designed to bypass our legislative process, the list is truly endless.

Our nation will pay the price from the Obama administration in countless ways for generations to come. The erosion of individual liberty at the hand of unspeakable government expansion is only tied in gravity with the economic slavery now chained to our citizens, which was slowly but surely forged without resistance, link by link.

This stretches far past politics, sadly reaching far into the future to raid the pockets and wellbeing of our children to an irreversible degree.

Only a true return to our Constitution — rooted in the understanding that man is most free when his power is most restrained — will bear the fruit of liberty and prosperity for all.

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