Why Conservatives Roll Their Eyes at Progressive Super Bowl Ads (Videos)


Editor’s note: Like most of my editor/writer/talker pals, I had a heads up about the Super Bowl ads and Halftime Show. I knew what was coming and wasn’t all that keen to watch. The idea of good advertising is to make an imprint in the viewer’s memory that will make them either curious about a product or service, or better still, associate that product or service with a positive feeling. The best ads make us laugh and ask our friends, “Did you see that? It was hilarious!” And the best ads are not necessarily political. The companies buying ad time for Super Bowl Fifty-One antied out $5 – $5.5 million for a mere 30 seconds. With that kind of price tag it’s pretty obvious that every image and every word was carefully thought out to elicit a certain feeling, to communicate a specific message. Deplorables are not stupid. We heard what the Super Bowl ads were saying. And we’re not buying it or your products. Read on. Tami Jackson

By David French

Hint: Because they lie

Our church’s Super Bowl party is one of my favorite nights of the year. The younger kids run amok in the gym while the adults watch the game on a giant projection screen, eating barbecue, enjoying the inevitable southern church-gathering casserole, and offering spontaneous judgments on the commercials.

This year, there were more groans than usual. Like when Airbnb decided to lecture us on diversity:

Or when 84 Lumber decided to portray illegal immigrants in the most sympathetic way possible:

I could go on. The Washington Post’s James Hohmann counted at least eight political ads, including one that took a direct shot at Donald Trump’s hair, and left-wing Twitter loved it. Corporate free speech is fashionable when it’s not conservative, and this year multiple corporations went peak progressive. Or did they? Some argued that the ads weren’t about politics at all but rather simple decency and kindness. For example, look at these viral tweets:

But conservatives watching those ads feel something different entirely. As they watch these odes to tolerance, compassion, and diversity, they know they’re watching a lie. Progressive bastions of intolerance, cruelty toward dissenters, and ideological uniformity are selling the nation a false bill of goods.

After all, conservatives go to college, and we know what “tolerance” looks like. We know of the systematic efforts to exclude Christians from campus, of the constant assaults on free speech, and of the increasing violence expressed as #resistance (seen on Facebook: “Love trumping hate involves a lot more assault and arson than I thought it would”). We know how Hollywood’s creative class feels about social conservatives. And we know exactly how welcoming progressive corporations are to dissenting views.

The ads above are like college brochures, full of smiling, happy faces from every nation, tribe, and culture. But behind the smiles is all too often an icy, heartless resolve. The diversity that matters is only skin deep. The “diversity” they celebrate is one where communities of different colors, genders, and sexual practices come together around a uniform ideology — and there is zero hesitation to be as intolerant as necessary in the name of tolerance. (I once sued a major public university that actually declared that “acts of intolerance will not be tolerated.”)

My fellow believers look at those ads, understand the worldview they express, and rightly know there’s no room for them in the Left’s utopia…

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