Radical American Universities and Militant Islam


This article contains excerpts from “Time for a Tipping Point,” published in the February issue of COLUMBIA, a Knights of Columbus magazine. The story, authored by John Allen Jr. was originally published on Crux, a Catholic website operated in partnership with the Knights.

The story reexamines the December 11, 2016 bombing attack on the Coptic Christian Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo, Egypt. The bombing, which killed twenty five Copts while they were attending mass, coincided with the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, a national holiday in Egypt.

Almost a year before the attack, John Allen spoke with Dr. Wadie Ramses, who operated a small Coptic clinic affiliated with St. Mark Cathedral. Allen asked the doctor what the future was for Christians in Egypt. His answer was a disconsolate, “Very bad.”

At the time of the interview, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had become Egypt’s president. There was promise his government would protect the Copts, who comprise about 10% of Egypt’s population. When asked to explain why the prospects for Christians in Egypt were so bad under this new, “more tolerant” government Dr. Ramses said, “Police won’t apprehend those who hurt Christians; judges won’t prosecute their attackers; schools won’t educate children in tolerance; and the government considers Christians second-class citizens.”

The phrase, schools won’t educate children in tolerance,” caused me to stop and think about what is happening in America today. Throughout our colleges and universities there is violent outrage against President Trump and his administration. I thought about conservatives who have different views than the protestors and how they are ostracized, intimidated, even physically attacked. Professors creating anarchy by stirring up student protests, even if it means violence, are no better than Mullahs teaching intolerance and hatred in radical Muslim schools.

Those who protest, peacefully or violently, have no concept of reality. They follow the ideological dictates of their leaders and tolerate no one who opposes their views. They hate those they are told to hate; despise views they are told to despise. When they speak of peace, it is with the stipulation those they oppose become converts. Dr. Ramses spoke of such hypocrisy when he said the promise of peaceful coexistence with Muslims in Egypt was more about, “political expedience than genuine conviction.”

Unlike the campus protestors or their professors, Dr. Ramses knows reality. He was kidnapped in 2014 and spent 92 days held ransom by Muslim militants. He was kept in a tent in the desert, beaten, whipped, humiliated and constantly pressured to embrace Islam until his family was able to pay the Zakat, or ransom, to rescue him. Incredibly he described those 92 days as the best period of his life. The torturous treatment, he said, forced him to discover what real prayer, real dependence on God alone, actually means.

John Allen reports that some 200 million Christians around the world are at risk of physical persecution. He says the number of Christians killed around the globe is one every hour of every day of the year. That’s about nine thousand Christians slaughtered every year for no other reason than they are Christian.

Along with “Time for a Tipping Point,” COLUMBIA printed an appeal from Bishop Anba Angaelos of the Coptic Church in Great Britain. Writing a day after the bombing, he lamented, “In recent decades, we have seen recurring acts of violence against Christians … Very few, if any, perpetrators have been brought to justice.”

He went on to say, “As Christians we also believe in forgiveness, but forgiveness is by no means synonymous with ignoring justice. Forgiveness ensures that our own hearts are not entangled in a web of anger … or corrupted by feelings of hatred or revenge … Justice is essential, not for the purposes of punishment but to secure and protect our societies in which people must respectfully live side by side.”

Where is the outcry from colleges and universities against the militant Muslims who seek to kill or convert Christians? There is none. These radial progressive professors are too busy attacking Christians themselves – by attacking every core value espoused by Jesus in the Bible.

Radical American Universities and Militant Islam . . . both destructive forces.

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