Youth Have Regressed As a Result of Leftist aka Socialist Ideology


Editor’s note: The following post was written at Unhyphenated America in response to the Intellectual Takeout article titled, “College Illiteracy is Growing.” The Left has taken over education, with the big push beginning in the time of Dewey and Wilson. Now we are reaping the whirlwind of decades and decades of Progressive indoctrination education. Read on. Tami Jackson

The youth have regressed…as a result of Leftist/REGRESSIVE/Socialist ideology being the largest voice in mainstream “Education” over the past two generations.

This is why I refuse to listen to the bleating of ANY Leftist/Regressive/Socialist minded person…because I know that you don’t know squat!! You’re very good at FEELING, but the fact that you embrace Leftism is undeniable evidence that you have NO WISDOM OR DISCERNMENT, and that you don’t know HOW TO THINK!!

But when you fully understand Leftist/Regressive/Socialist ideology, as I do, then you realize that it’s an ideology that ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES MASSIVE NUMBERS OF STUPID PEOPLE!! Look at every single nation that taken Leftism to it’s logical conclusion, and you will see a whole lot of STUPID on display. And the leaders of those nations need it to be that way…because STUPID PEOPLE are easier to CONTROL. Ultimately, Leftist/Regressive/Socialist ideology is about CONTROL OF THE MASSES BY THE ELITE FEW. ~ Unhyphenated America #TheClosingOfTheAmericanMind #StuckOnStupid

For a number of years, it was assumed that public education was swimming along, efficiently educating children of all ages. More recently, the products coming out of public schools have caused a troubling concern to leap into the minds of adults: are schools dumbing down the content they teach to students?

That concern seems to have now made its way into the minds of university professors, as evidenced in a recent study conducted by the Times Higher Education. The study examined over a thousand higher education professors and administrators in several English-speaking countries such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, and predominantly the U.K.

Judging from the comments of these professors, the students they are seeing come through their classrooms are ill-prepared, unwilling to study, and in need of kid-glove treatment. Some of the choice comments from these professors include:

“Each year, the entry requirements for undergraduate programmes are reduced, meaning we get a high number of students who are almost illiterate.”

“We were told [by managers that]we are not allowed to ‘draw attention to’ those students who turn up to seminars having done no preparation whatsoever because it might deter them from attending future seminars (which they also wouldn’t have been prepared for)….”

“Students study to pass exams, no longer to study a discipline.”

“Few students will read the material on the reading list, [relying]instead solely on lecture handouts or PowerPoint slides….”

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