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Etc. Medieval Farming Life

The Renaissance, you might recall, was the cultural revolution in non-Islamic Western European countries, which preceded the Enlightenment, and from which sprang so many modern ideals of , life, liberty, justice and government.

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I interviewed John, who worked closely with General Mattis for about a year as a member of Mattis’ “Executive Protection” detail, in the Protective Services Division (PSD).

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“Please stand for our National Anthem.” When I hear these words, a chill runs up my spine. To this day I lo up, I stand up, I find the flag, and sing that darn difficult song the best I can. And I’m grateful for the opportunity.

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You can blame people like me – Americans “clinging to their guns and religion” – but it won’t change the basic fact that the jihadists are coming for you.

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So, it would seem that Comrade Bernie believes in the basic concept of private ownership, at least when it comes to himself.

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